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30 April 2012

introducing the completely new

Hey regular sized Banker guy who came in with the small banker sidekick that was eating Nacho Cheese Doritos which at first was nerve wracking but turned out OK as he was very careful with his cheese hands: I was wrong regarding the Camber and Stumpjumper attributes and specs. I was parroting what I thought I'd heard (because frankly, those bikes don't interest me enough to memorize the new model year's new newness but that is no excuse). Your screwed up expression of confusion and doubt was the straw required for me to crack the catalog with an eye to understanding a product about which I should be, were I taking myself for a PROfessional, at minimum conversant.

I apologize.

Thank you. I will let this be a lesson to me. Don't be surprised if I turn up at your place of business one of these lunch breaks, having finally found you by systematically casing each and every nearby bank. I will tell you that your understanding of the ride difference was correct and that I was mistaken. I may or may not say that I will continue efforts to give a shit about cycling related issues which may be of no personal import but matter to others, and to refer questions to more interested and/or knowledgeable co workers where appropriate; at least, no more guessing.

You should get a cross bike.


Lord Hayden said...

do you even race?

reverend dick said...

Does it show?

Gunnar Berg said...

It takes a good man to admit he has been an ignorant ass. That is step one.

Patch Kit Guy said...

you're such a dick.

reverend dick said...

LikeIsay, Saturday is the full moon...come down here and say that.

It won't be any less true, but you'll be saying it on singletrack.