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02 April 2012

put your face into it

Today was the 1st longer ride since my shoulder Went Bad. I got a trick collar bone. It felt pretty OK riding up and over the hill for some EZ version of the dirt commute. As easy as that can be, which still means a bunch of on the bars dropping via bumpy singletrack in the woods.

Shoulder feels workable, ass is silly. I got this golfball sized lump of cramp that is killing me. When I straighten my leg after being seated, it clamps down like you wouldn't credit. I been using a soft-ball for working glutes, stretching my hamstrings (trying), foam rolling IT band, point working vastus lateralis, and the insertion of biceps femoris along the fibular collateral ligament...and it won't quit. This ass cramp is the pits.

See the doc tomorrow for the 1st follow-up. I will get a PT prescription and initiate bionification sequence. In, like, 3 weeks I'll be so yoked.

Enough woe is me. This day saw me aboard the Salsa Fargo (those big puffy tires on the NeckRomancer are slow and expensive- I don't wanna run them for distance on the street is the upshot) for some reintroduction to actual riding. Not that drive to the trail head and lap it up stuff, I'm talking door-to-door. Picked up YasonYonson and _ean in Cside(!) and rolled a nice loop through the East Garrison sections.

All I got for you picture-wise are these shots of a downed Monterey Pine along some singletrack.

With the crosscut saw looming large in my thoughts, I find myself looking at this scary tangle of limbs with a fresh perspective. The downed tree's top is resting on another Monterey Pine's limbs and a small Coastal Live Oak, with the root-ball resting on the ground.

I look at the middle section and see (in the lit portion, the crack left of the branch sticking up) the different compressions and tensions in this particular snag. The 5 kinds of Bind are as follows: top bind, bottom bind, side bind, end bind, and no bind?

Given my current (absolute beginner) status, all I will do is bring the pull saw over and lop the pointy limbs interfering with easily scooting underneath. This much floating log requires more equipment than I possess. It is fun to think about, though.


Gunnar Berg said...

Shoulder "went bad". Sounds like it did something to you, rather than the other way around. I'm glad it hasn't grounded you.

reverend dick said...

I have a rogue shoulder.

Apis said...

Fabs' shoulder "went bad" too. How many fractures did yours have? He's got 4 breaks that are now conjoined by one long Ti pin.

The pros always get the unobtanium bits don't they?