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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

04 April 2012

getting a new look

You can get with this:

or you can get with that:

Can you get with both? Not at the same time.

The Bike Check Wednesday continues at the elementary school. A co-worker and I show up with a stand, a pump(s), and small toolbox and make some kid bikes safe. You might be surprised at the state in which some kid bikes are kept. Hopefully it encourages riding to school.

Further notice regarding the Full PINK Moon: Friday evening, at 6pm, a nucleus will form at the top of the incline. The nucleus will there form a protective coating, and divide to grow through some backroad, doubletrack, and singletrack until it reaches a critical mass at the graveyard. From which point, the cell will continue expanding Northwards, encompassing Fort Ord and continuing to Castroville, where it is artichoke season.

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