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05 March 2012

we come out from the woods

Put in the cassette and push play.

Nothing Bad ever happens to me. This whole "broken shoulder" debacle is nothing but a minor set-back. Saw the MD today, and though it is a Type III (meaning /I tore 2 separate tendons, and the AC has dropped, making my clavicle look a little humpy) if it were his shoulder he'd wait a month and reassess.

HELL YES. Thanks!

I don't care what it looks like, as long as there's not functional inhibition I'm well stoked. This means 4 weeks of chillaxing and being smart, as opposed to a minimum 8 weeks of immobility following surgery. Bottom line is I can't make it any worse ( I laughed, because don't dare me) and it could be surgically good as ever at any point in my Glorious Future. Which is extra grrrreat, because my glorious present doesn't afford a surgical bill and time off work.

Best of all outcomes. Well, all realistic outcomes. My Luck has held, and now I have the opportunity to get my shit together, boyeee and bounce back stronger. Let's get this healing on the roll! Pardon me whilst I go ice meself...


msantos said...

i'll toast to that one. that was some serious zombie shit and piss. probably faster healing than a hematoma. i faintly remember you riding up the hill to the bike path holding your right wrist to the bar, little did we know. you should make it right in time for that sleaze otter......dick.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Heal on Rev.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Still shaking my head....GET BETTER BASTARD!!!!