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04 March 2012

a smooth operator operating correctly

Being a loose cannon cyclist who doesn't play by the rules will leave you typing one-handed missives of bike crashes, whilst sitting around in your underwears. Missing riding, NAHBS, and even work...

If my life were an action movie, hitting a trail-closed cable spinning the fixed wheel bicycle at 25mph would be a lot more glamorous and a lot less painfully inconvenient. 1st things 1st- I'm OK. Getting knocked the eff out did not give me any brain issues (yeah, yeah, yeah) it only destroyed my brand new expensive helmet.

Which, by the way, if you're one of those "helmets don't do any good" yabbos, you can go screw. That thing flat-out helped.

The spectacular header snapped my front brake cable clean in 2, though the rest of the bike is fine. I was able to ride home one-armed. I must have caught the bars with my knees on my way, as they are achy and swole. Middle fingers on the left hand are swole up and blue. Right shoulder is seperated at the AC, and the clavicle end is fractured. I have to see an orthopedic surgeon asap, to start moving on this. I don't know how bad the separation is yet (ER only Xrayed and prescribed pain meds, but did say it looks like a 2" gap...frowny face) so we will see. I may need a bad operation.

If my life were an action movie, this would just be character development.

Thankyous! to the fellow riders who helped me up/home and who did NOT call the ambulance and sucker me into a huge bill.


Johann Rissik said...

Bummer. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Rev.

Tom said...

Holy crap Rev. Heal up soon. Call on your plant allies.

Lord Hayden said...


That sucks.

Does this mean the full moon ride is cancelled / postponed 28 days? Or do you want me to tow your wheelchair to the top of Toro Peak and just "let go".

And it goes without saying that anytime Doc Oc is involved, a rectal rebuilding is SOP.

Lord Hayden said...

oh, also: what were you thinking peaking 6 weeks BEFORE Sleaze Otter? I would fire your coach

reverend dick said...

Full Moon Ride can be GO! if somebody else wants to supply the cash, gas, or grass... I can supply the ass. Meaning I will SAG it= drive down and mope around in the tubs drinking canned beers smuggled in in my swim trunks... AND it is postponed because that is some fun I will want to get in on inna 1st person rider sort of style.

Who knows when I'll need an orthopedic gynecologist?

As for Sleaze Otter...whatevs, conditions are perfect, adn I thought you were coaching me.

reverend dick said...

Also- the other riders from that ride want it known that I peed my pants while unconscious.

Shit just got real.

It discolored my Brooks saddle riding home with pee pants. In case that affects anyone's usage. Or decision making. Or choice of clothing (my wool pants were damp, but I was warm enough even after the pee cooled). Or perhaps choice of riding partner.

Little_Jewford said...

Dam! Thats real! Glad your head is one piece .... everything else will heal.

I know your a riding fiend..

you'll be back rolling asap

Human Wrecking Ball said...

D U D E ! I am just catching your drift having been so involved in my own clavicular disharmonies. This sucks and proves that someone is trying to kill the best looking bloggists one by one. Get better bro and....welcome to the clipped wing club.