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22 March 2012

Thank You Friends, and welcome.

Now, swing out.

The rep came into the shop today with his super secret suitcase of SRAM. I had not been following recent developments, and was surprised by the yawwing front derailler and the return to single pivot(?) brakes which are a kind of a step toward real world in their clearance...up to 28mm. Not real world enough for this cowboy, but a welcome shift. Jim Jones says click the colored words, or else.

Whatevs. I'm not buying road stuff this year. I am stripping bikes to frames; thinning the herd for the old switcheroo...papa needs a new and suspension corrected adventure touring bike. And a packraft. (Moab, I'm looking at you to get in this saddle- y'all got the goods. Don't kid yourself...) So, who wants to buy a thoroughly used/maintained 62cm Surly Long Haul Trucker frame/fork in the hue of what a maroon? Also up will be the L Santa Cruz Blur LT with the Fox DHX 5.0 spring. Soon to be pulled apart as well, the OG Salsa Fargo inna XL style. I'm even gonna offer the Soulcraft custom (25" of TT) pepto bismol pink Holy Roller (29" SS) frame/fork/King steelset headset. I mean it about making some room.

My sidekick and I wandered along on a teeny SouthSide entrance tour after school and work today. Brief but effective. J says, "There's always something new around the corner." No juvenile bobcats today, but some inneresting points, some decrepit army shithouses, some rickety high places, and some windy singletrack. Super rare clips to follow:

It's this kind of creepiness that lends credence to wild suppositions viz. haunted treasure, kidnapping, and revenge.

Whoa. That yellow belly has been lying in wait for months and months. It waits still.

Look out for !DANGER! BEES? No, not anymore. Look out for increasingly unsound infrastructure.


dbl_seven said...

Enjoy your postings and am curious about your long hauler. What are you asking?

reverend dick said...

$350 gets you the Trucker and a warm can of Hamm's.

dbl_seven said...

Ouch! I didn't know Hamm's has escalated as much as crude :) FYI new frame & forks can be had for a bit over four bills.
by the way, I'm new to posting, is there a way to communicate privately?