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17 March 2012

newly dangerous and recently unsanctioned

I did get carried away and return the following day for a repeat teeny ride. Which did, of course, swell a little to include some more (perfectly tame, gentle and rolly) hard-packed singletrack.

Some of us has got to.

Or else it won't get done.

I'm paying for that now, with some painful trigger points in rhomboids on the affected side (my right, which is novel as up until my really impactful injuries have been more sinister), and gluteus maximus. You were right. I was wrong. You know what you're talking about, I am a recidivist of the lowest sort.

I did have a quick consultation with the man behind the curtain over there in the sidebar. Thanks, Coach. I will follow directions and they were some good and detailed ones. The wrapping of the joints in particular seems effective. You'll be the first to know.

And, plus WTF? Somebody is walking around with an invisible sweaty, hairy black spot since they stolt the tools out of the bike box shrine.

Why would somebody do that?

I replaced the 5mm and the 6mm allens, which where what I had to lend at the time...this leaves a hole shaped like an 8mm/10mm wrench, a 4mm allen, a couple tire levers, a patch kit, and the chain tool with which I never got around to being willing to part anyhow so that's only virtually missing. Or maybe both virtually and actually. However you arrange the what's and the if's, the whole thing is a bit of a let down. You figure someone who stumbles across a stocked emergency bar in the woods would be a decent sort, someone who could recognize the usefulness of some at-hand tools worth maybe ~$12, and leave them in place for the next guy. So, I'm holding on to the slim hope it's one of you degenerates that needed the tools and meant to put them back, but forgot. Otherwise, it's a turd in the punchbowl.

What? Huh? The ?JBs in Monterey? Nothing like this goes on around here in sleepytown these days. Perhaps Monterey was a hotbed of funk back in the day?

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