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14 March 2012

my bone has got a little machine

...which seems to be plugging away there beneath my skin, binding binding binding. Swelling is gone. Bony lump remains, but that's just my wayward clavicle being all separatist and moody. Short head of the biceps is tender/complaining and anterior deltoid is the same. I have no strength to muster for overhead maneuvers. Really though- if I could go back and not post all these details in a panicky facebook style, I'd retract all this internet drama. I'm healing like a well trained dawg.

Pulling a bike down from the hangers at work tweaked it a teeny bit, but I was careful and it's use or lose it time...I rode to work. Yep. Granted/relaaaaax, it's just that little cruise down to the shop and not the climb up and over, but I felt good. I felt happy.

I am not taking chances or trails. Repeat. I am not taking chances or trails.

I am sitting here, icing my shoulder and mousing with my left while I excercise the right by externally rotating my arm holding a 12oz weight. This is also good for curls, i.e. biceps.

See how we do that?

Some parts came in for some folks today. Does anybody wanna see my shiny new titanium wood burning stove? How about some dirty pictures of D's bike getting the bars swapped and new ESI silicone grips (he likes red)?

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Lord Hayden said...

When there's no one else to greatly exaggerate reports of your demise, might as well make your own.

Glad your ish is starting to mend.