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19 March 2012


Back in the day, ____s use to stick together.

Brief clown fun in the Ord today; I gots to shake off this brokeness. We looked so retro in our flannels. A short and slow float around a portion of the old Friday Night SS course- you know that's mostly open again, right? Do it. Do it. Do it.

I feel...slowly returning. It's funny, how after a "trauma" the body sorts itself out in stages.

WARNUNG! boringish injury analysis to follow...

At first it was all shoulder, though I was aware of the hit the knees took (must have tagged the bars as I went for the somersault dismount). Then the knees really came to the fore, and it was left knee uber alles. To the point that getting up was an issue, standing up became hurtful and difficult, especially because I couldn't use my right side to help in any way. I worked that and it faded. After the short rides a few days ago, the right knee area (attachment for vastus lateralis and IT band) made it known that there was some serious smack down there, and it furthered through to glutes- it feels like I have a peach pit sized glow of pain in my right ass cheek. Back and shoulder (with particular emphasis on anterior deltoid and pec minor) fight for pride of place as I am more and more able to use the right arm and push those muscles. Everything has to restabilise and restabilise again, as 1st: there is a weird vacuum in my shoulder where all was richly, densely, handsomely yoked lean muscle/tendon/bone and now it's some inch and a half of angry stretch below my skin from a collar bone with it's head in the clouds; and 2nd: after the muscles splint this new body geometry, each new extension in range of motion requires a corresponding new arrangement among these skittish co-operators. And again. It lends itself to spasms and aches.

So I stretch the front (pecs/delts/scalenes). I was able to roll the right IT today, and OH! that was exquisite. It helped though. Some rolling around glutes on the softball, some draping myself over the roller to stretch pecs with spread arms accompanied by some use of the softball to compress/roll pectoralis minor and anterior is some Old Time Personal Suffering for future Good. It helped. It helps, then the pain comes back. This is looking like a long term back and forth.

Anyhow, bit by bit getting better. Bikes. Rides. Plans for a bikepacking trip for Spring Break, 3 weeks out. The childrens can haul most everything (is this injury the break for which I've been waiting? whereineverafter they bear the main load?) if we go nice and light. I'm thinking these fat tyre inner tubes will make some sweet floats. I want a pack raft so bad!


Gunnar Berg said...

I'm glad you feeling a little better.

The real bitch about busting things up is you'll heal, then 20 years later you'll feel all bumps and wrinkles you did to your body every morning when you try to get out of bed.

Juancho said...

If only the doctors could write like this.