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12 April 2011

You party haters need to stop it

Jingle jingle.

We observed the "Take yourself Mountain Biking Day" that was yesterday. And is today. There is free beer tomorrow.

Welcome to the New Stairs. Same as the old Stairs?

Same, same, better. At minimum, these are being here now. LOL, you should have been there when we put these in...

I'd been scouting for a replacement Stairs spot for months. This one struck me, and I'd vetted it for a slightly lesser period of months. Drunk beers on this oak. Climbed this oak. Jumped up and down on this oak. Gone from oak to oak from this oak (the sturdy, sweeping branches intersect with several other trees). Etc., like you will when you are deciding upon a secret hideout.

I had intended to rescue the remains of the used to be Stairs, but alas and alack, they have been taken I know not where. So instead, I conscripted the remains of some other structures from one of the woodpiles dotting the Ord. Big Dummy to haul it. And several weeks ago now, the boys and I rode out with a bag of hammers and some nails to put it all in place.

Come to find out some bees had made a secret hideout of their own in a little-known bole on the far side of said branch.

D was holding the cross-piece as I tacked it in place when he was stung on the ear and neck. He and J ran for the clearing. There was a lot of yelling. I ended up doing the rest of the install on my lonesome, since I had on a hat and long sleeves. It went up pretty solid, with the occasional break for swearing and swatting.

And the bees haven't put in a return appearance, but J was awful leery. Look:

Not too sure about the whole thing.

So then it was a quick velocache, and some checking of trails we hadn't checked before. Ask me any questions you like. I got answers.

That's how the Past gives way to the Future.


Tom said...

Lovin what you do, boss. Good Life.

rik said...

oak trees + kidz === good times

Lord Hayden said...

that tree needs a bad operation

Gunnar Berg said...

That tree is a beautiful thing.

"That's how the Past gives way to the Future."
-nicely done.

reverend dick said...

Lol Lord Hayden, you're making my ribs hurt.

Berg- you saw how I did that? The photos actually cycle the other way, with me passing him, but it sounds better this way.