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30 April 2011

We've called the roll, neighbors. Now let's GO!

1stly, this is not a music web diary, but- when was the last time you listened to A Tribe Called Quest?

Well, that's too long. Midnight Marauders was on my headphones on this commute, and it sounds fresh and relevant.

Any commute by bike is a good one, but dirt is better. I'm lucky and thankful to have this option.

After repositioning my shifters and brakes, repairing the busted/short chain, replacing the broken Ti B17 with a steel railed stand-in, and reattaching my super dorky yet so practical seat post bottle mounts (I don't like to ride with a pack) I was ready for a full squish dirt commute.

I went into it with nagging hip issues compounded by nagging rib issues; also, a head full of "problems" and low level anger feelings. I ran short of time after stopping to clear several stands of poison oak off the trail, so I took the quick connector down and rediscovered a section of trail that used to be debris strewn and now is rideable. Bonus.

I came out of it with nagging hip issues compounded by nagging rib issues and a whole new outlook. When I arrived at work, I was cheerful and willing. The day went smoothly. I had a dirt commute to look forward to at the end of my shift.

Homeward bound, after checking out a potential neighborhood sneak entrance (denied), I rode sweet singletrack ribbons up and across the hill. On pavement, at the top (the very tip top) I was halted by several wraps of caution tape across the road and downed power lines. This required me to take the paved option back down the entire hill to climb up a different/clear route.

It was fine.


Ben said...

A dirt commute....nifty. Unfortunately, recently, a short dirt/wood path totally busted my son's derailuer and frame, and so i must convert his bike down to a 3 speed (that is, only the front derailer works now). I love the photo of you and your son (?) riding on your rack.

reverend dick said...

Wellllll, it ain't all dirt, but 30ish%? Counts in my book.

The frame broke, too? You might could use a derailer hanger that mounts on the QR skewer and make it work. Maybe.

My son's bike was broke down and that picture captured it well. He's a good sport.

Kevin said...

Did you Crisco the fork?

reverend dick said...

The previously applied Crisco is still functioning perfectly.