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22 April 2011


It's true. The tower is full of swarming bees.

Somebody needs to do something about this.

My kids say that somebody is me.

We can't use a tower full of bees for kickass adventures, after all. Barring a successful convo with a beetrapper/keeper, I will be getting all covered up and sneaking up after dark to tape cardboard over the holes. I realize this is mass murder, and will attempt to avoid it, but I think the bottom line is them or us. I'm choosing us.

Who wants a piece of this? 20 feet in the air, after dark, facing potentially Africanized bees? What could possibly go wrong?

The goal of the day was adventure. Bicycles. New Stairs. Shady oaks. Brown Lunch.

My favorite one liner ever? "Hold my beer and watch this..."

Prior to firing up the Esbit for some doctored split-pea soup, I handed D my beer and shimmied up the oak until my ribs wouldn't allow anymore and tied up the pirate rope we been using at Arroyo Seco. It worked out well enough that this may be it's permanent home.

The rope swang was enough of a thrill ride, that the boys weren't bothered by waiting for the twig fueled cookout.

Then it was my turn.


J is riding SO well!

First ride for D on the new bike.

26" Rockhopper. I think it's over-the-top, he likes the flash. Whatever gets him stoked. Since I'm back in the shop, this is a good use of my resources. He needed a new bike. The 24" is just too small. He likes the paddle shifters. I like the disc brakes. It's too big (17.5"!), but he's got to use it for several years and he juuust fits it. I will shorten the stem and replace the bars with some swept backs; Mary or the like. Then he will be faster than you.

Hey Lord Hayden, we found your stash in the manzanita, and we tucked it up under the caprock where it'll keep cool.

This has been an example of how to trick your children into a longish bike ride.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Still the best Dad in history I see. Good on ya.

Gunnar Berg said...

This is really great - secret boys, angry bees and pirate ropes.

Out here in Minnesota swinging ropes are generally tied to branches overhanging rivers or lakes, and have LARGE knots or tires on the grabbing/sitting end. Been a long while since I had a long arc swing and drop into cool water on a hot summer day.