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22 April 2011

bike set up

Having just had a house-load of bike folk around and about, I am thinking about bike fit. Yes, again.

I got on the Surly LHT for the 1st time in moooonths (since I installed the Nitto moustache bars, in fact) and it's too long. I want to like those bars (esp. as I have several pair), but unless the bike (and more to the point, the stem) is very short, they just pull me into an uncomfortably splayed lean. I'll be removing them, and replacing with something else; not sure yet, maybe drops, maybe some Albatross/Northroad type.

In looking at D and his new bike, similar observations are highlighted. As per yesterday, he needs some getback. He can dig scrapping. But he can't dig...that...backstabbing.

When I lived in Moab (should I say operated from?) it was common courtesy to loan out-of-towners a bike if they needed one.

Apparently that is not a custom in California?

This led to some inneresting sights as people matched well to the loaner or didn't, but it was a given that a bike could be had within certain circles. It was also a given that the borrower took full responsibility for, and good care of, the loaned ride. You just knew that. I'm not going to get into the dangers of cross-chaining a narrow-assed 9speed drive train, but I will say it might behoove a person to give a different set up a fair trial before adjusting everything (seat height, brake feel, etc) to their familiar ways. Particularly if the borrowed bike is a cross bike, and the familiar set up is all DH/jumpy- keep the saddle up there where you can have some pedaling efficiency!

Hoping your bike fits,


Gunnar Berg said...

I'm sure hoping the new one will fit - still waiting.

A shorter stem affects handling, not necessarily bad, but certainly different than a frame that is really sweet. In my limited experience.

Keep preaching the good word.

Anonymous said...

Try the nitto dirt drop stem. it is a 1" stem, b ut works great with my Mustachios.
Good luck on the fit.

Anonymous said...

I resemble all the later comments, and let me say that not a thing was touched on the LHT and it still performed without fail. Maybe you're getting a growth spurt.

Clapped champion, on the other hand is biaaatch and required all the 1930's flat track setup it could get to finish DFL. And all that other shit it accomplished.

Your bikes ride snazzy. Thank goodness someone in Nor Cal has a little Moab down homeness in him. Thinks would have worked out badly, otherwise.

Don't embarrass your son with your peculiarities on his bike. Ask him what kind of bar he wants.

Moab gives back, care package on the way.

reverend dick said...

The LHT has a 1 1/8" steerer.

Not the LHT I'm thinking of, it's the recovery ride on the Salsa Fargo. Loooooow saddle. That's crazy.

My son won't even know he's embarassed, he'll only know he's comfortable.