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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

09 April 2011

Here's a piece of your heart, cuz I know you got Soul.

Oh, jam.

We got to get over. A fine way to get over before you go under is to Velocache. Pick the right bike for the day and ride from your door.

My ribs are healing well. Give Thanks. Each day the tug and pain eases some. Part of that is committing to muscle memory which movements engage the muscles anchored on the tender bits and working around them, and part is just pure street smarts.
GO! GO! GO!GO! Yeah boy.


Juancho said...

I love Chuck, but he's wrong about Elvis.

(most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps!)

reverend dick said...

He's wrong about John Wayne, too.

In '94 I went to see Farrakhan speak since Chuck D told me to listen to...what he could say to you...and he's wrong about Farrakhan as well. That guy is a thug.

PE is still my jam, though.