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05 April 2011

you are marvelous

you are marvelous

Hey, know what? If I build your bike...the bolts will all be greased and tight. The wheels will be Round and True.Whether or not it's some- in my opinion- poorly chosen mass produced no Soul having rolling impulse purchase. If I build your kid's bike...the bolts will all be greased and tight. The wheels will be Round and True. The reach will be adjusted for little hands. Price point is no object. The wheels will be as Round and as True as I can make them.

These are things that are important. Doing something Right and Well is Important.


Gunnar Berg said...

Man. They could chisel that on the stone where I lay.

Johann Rissik said...

Great post.

reverend dick said...

That piece of Wisdom keeps ringing around my head lately and I had to put it out, so this is where its' ended up; next to that exhortation to do Quality Work, which has also been in my mind since being back in the bike shop.

But, the real impact of "The Laughing Heart" for me lies in it's recognition of the cracks in the humdrum through which the light (of your choice. Sheer Joy?) winks. For me, those openings are moonlit trail heads. Know them and take them...

Bukowski can be a true ass, but he's got it with this one.

msantos said...

do you like john fante?

grommet said...

I just picked up "my" first issue of Bicycle Times. Bruce Gordon nails it with his interview. I quote, "Most people don't even interact with someone that physically makes something with their hands. As a result, they don't really have a concept of something that's really well-made." Amen. This trickles down like the sweat on your Captains sweaty, hairy lower back on that one tandem ride?! Affordable Real Quality is where it's at when it comes to wrenching.