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26 June 2009

there's lots of leftovers that you can re-heat

KidBike Camping, fer instance. Boys only.

So yeah, because the full squish bike is in C______ for who knows-how-long, we couldn't take the Big Dummy this time. Of course, I'd forgotten about the whole wheel swap thing as I was planning this trip, and (of course) I was made aware of this upon initiation of bike packing at 7AM, morning of. Oops. What to do? Run what you brung, of course.

So D got to pack a little load of his own this time. The ever jury-rigged seatpost mount rack, complete with wire-yourself stabilisation so he could carry his sleeping bag and pad.

He had in his pack: medical kit, his jacket, rain gear, inflatable ball, Leatherman, cinnamon bread, and his brother's sweatshirt. We moved him up to the 24" wheel this time.

Without our Big Dumb Beast of Burden, we pared the load significantly. J and I shared a bag (as a blanket since we knew the night would be relatively warm) and a wool blanket. For cooking it had to be the twig driven Esbit; trusty, small. No griddle, no pancakes. We brought a LOT of water; 3L in the bags, plus bladders for each. 2 bottles on our rig, and 1 on D's. There is a spring, but I'd never gone out this late in the summer before and was unsure how it would be flowing. It is hot out there.

"There" being Indians Road South from Arroyo Seco, which has been re-opened since the fire. It is nice to switch up the camp spots.

We rode straight to the swimming hole, and swam. Jumped off cliffs. Drank beer.

Then, the long HOT uphill. Uphill. Hot. Uphill. There was some amazing complaining. There were girlish histrionics and gasping/sobbing. No, it wasn't me; I was a harsh taskmaster. All of that BS wastes energy and patience. D needs to learn to shut up and suffer. The only way out is through...

I took some pity (and his hot black helmet) since we were climbing. For hours.

We made it to the spring. But barely. It was still flowing (Give Thanks!), though at a very reduced rate. We turned around there and made camp at the high point about1/8th mile back. Then we walked back down to put the pots out to collect some more water.

Then it was time to gather some wood and carefully (carefully manage!) build a fire.

The rock wall reflected the light. We had our own private corner of wild Goodness. D came around and said how much he liked doing this. I reminded him that without all the long hot uphill suffering, we wouldn't be in such a spot with only ourselves and Wilderness. Hopefully it got through.

Dinner was Brown Lunch, cous cous, seitan, and a nice side salad. Friend J____ had brung a 12 pack(!), but we were too dried out to want to drink very much.

Upon awakening...

Cooking breakfast on the Esbit is slow going-especially when you forget to keep adding twigs regularly- but that's allright. It gives you time to drink your coffee and your beer.

What else are you gonna do on a leisurely backcountry morning?

Steel-cut oatmeal, with blueberries, cinnamon and brown sugar. Crisp, diced (and heavy) Fuji apples for those that want them.

Then it was time to wash the dishes and explore the cave.

We did a bit of trundling at the rock slide next to the spring...

which boys do enjoy. When we were done (at least an hour) there was a substantial dent in the slide.

All packed up, it was time to coast downhill for an hour and a half. No lie.

Then I got the bright idea to take the next photo while riding downhill.

D slowed and swerved around a rock. J and I did not. We had us a crash. According to J____, who was right behind us, we both ejected within a millisecond of one another. Took some time to re-align my bars, and my fenders were out of whack. The camera also took a small hit, so I don't have any photos to prove that we went directly to the swimming hole and jumped off cliffs & drank some beers...

You'll just have to have Faith.


Joe said...

Good times!

Jonny Hamachi said...

I'm a little short on Faith this week Reverend, but you give me hope.

Anonymous said...

Is that P___ from J____'s? I thought I recognized him in some other photos sans skid lid. Put a cap on that mellon!

Anonymous said...

You're the Jorge Lucas of sub 30 second vid clips

Jack said...


Hey, do you stand by the Esbit stove? Or is it a questionable device?

reverend dick said...

I not only stand BY the Esbit, I could probably stand ON it. It is that good. Useful, sturdy, foolproof and cheap!

fatbob29r said...

just stumbled upon your blog, althouh i'd heard about it lots. Good stuff for sure, nothing better than spending Q/T with the boys and teaching them the rewards of a hard long climb in a day of "wii" fitness! Eff'n excellent stuff, keep it goin'....