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10 June 2009

*It all sounds crazy when you put it like that.

The Brooks Saddle Factory
Originally uploaded by Hudsonic

2 things, uh, bitches:

That up there, which is 100% AWESOME!

And this: it is my learned and studded and studied opinion (read: FACT!) that carrying a load in panniers down low in front is fecking stupid. It just sets you up for handling problems. If you disagree, your "evidence" is lies and subterfuge, poorly concealed beneath a shakily applied veneer of classist vitriol.

Not so keen on that idea now, are you?


Gunnar Berg said...

The answer to the un-asked question is "low trail geometry". You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

i don't know what we're talking about.

Cycle Jerk said...

Why doesn't the butt go up and down on the seat? Seems more realistic that way. What kind of freakish wipe out are they trying to simulate?

reverend dick said...

Gunnar- I think your answer's tone (and decetifulness) really proves my point.

'tube- neither do I, really.

'jerk- I think they may be able to achieve more "Ramming Force" this way. It is called "Ramming force" by Seat Scientists. And those in the know.

Tom said...

Some of the best advice I ever got was, “when you're high, stay low,” but I have to raise a paw in agreement with Dick.

Riding with those contraptions is like trying to talk to Gramps with his hearing aid off. You might as well ditch the handlebar and just shout steering directions down the headtube.


Mind you, Do What Works.

Anonymous said...

down shout down at me Tom.

Jonny Hamachi said...

When you understand the laws of physics anything is posszzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

I need to get your address as you are a rock star idol of mine from back in the day. Anyway, can cough it up and you will get a package of swine in your box. Email me through
Lost your email address when Y2K hit. Bummer

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, hope all is well with you and the famdamily. Heading east anytime soon to leave that rat race life style of yours? Riding is a must this summer as we always have a good time.