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19 June 2009

we don't deliver, but you do

This one's for Gunnar...

I took a little ride in Santa Cruz on Thursday. This is what some of the riding there looks like.

See the singletrack there? Above the bar.

Some of the singletrack is real narrow and hugs the side of the hill.

It is nice and shady under the redwoods.

Sometimes the trees are very close together.

On the way, I came across this guy. I initially thought he was on a highbike.

No, he had climbed to Sand Point Overlook on a replica Penny Farthing, and was now heading down. In flip flops. He said he'd step down onto the mounting peg and drag his foot on the rear wheel to slow down. In flip flops. When it got too steep/speedy, he hopped off and walked.

Really took the wind out of my sails on the whole "I'm so hard for riding this on my fixed wheel bicycle" front.


Gunnar Berg said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful. And your wraps are starting to look pretty fine too.

Penny Farthing:
One time I was climbing a long, obscenely steep hill. About halfway up I unexpectedly became a pedestrian...pushing an empty bike, only to find myself overtaken by a legless man on a handcrank trike. There is simply no way to put a good spin on that.

Anonymous said...

Flips flops and a replica Penny Farthing, dont get more gangsta than that.

Patch Kit said...

it wasn't this guy, was it?

reverend dick said...

Nope. THAT guy is clearly a kook. This is a different guy altogether.