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07 June 2009

long tall Texas T

This one is dedicated to all y'all Minnesota yahoos. Gypsy? Puhleeeeeze.

You cannot eff with Mr. Bob Wills. Sounds so good he had to tie his hat on.

Gypsy swing from Mr. Cash.

Further afield yet closer to the heart of the matter, Wayne the Train.

Because it blows my miind!


Gunnar Berg said...

I'm speechless.

Gunnar Berg said...

No,I'm not. I'd rather spend an evening with Maud Hixon than Wayne the Train.

Anonymous said...

that thar's sum good stuff um hmmm.

Patch Kit Guy said...

I think everyone in the Willie Nelson video is on amphetamines. I mean, how *else* can you 'splain them fast fingers and crazy hairdos on the quartet of lovely laidies?