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01 June 2009

here I sit, broken-hearted

Broken legged would be more to the point. As in crumbled, reduced, spent and achey.


Fixed crosscheck sneak towards Fort Ord. In and around, taking 50 up and down on both ends with Little Jewford (we did not find Velocache #16; though not for lack of trying- including acting like idiots and riding down the corkscrew- just for lack of paying attention to the photos...) and then solo back South Boundary to up and over back road style.

Not alot of stopping, just riding. Training. I got Mineral King on the brain. For those on the fence...GO!

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Little_Jewford said...

The zoom zoom had nothing to do with the bridge, now that I look at the pick again. We cruised right under the cache. Might have to put that on the things to do look for the weekend.