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08 December 2008

YO, bumrush the trail!

So yeah, I may or may not have pulled my hamstrings on the Jossholes road ride, last Friday. They go ooh and ahh, when I ride in the for-

Why? Well, because I used someone else's shoes! A little too big. It felt screwy at the time, as my feet were too far forward. Even with the largesse, Coach Burningmanhandler runs his cleats super far back. But, there are times when you must accept your circumstance with grace...and then bitch about it on your personal internet complaint space later, I guess.

What have I been doin about it? Uh...resting my legs. Some tennis ball work. It feels pulled at the origin (ischial tuberosity) and at the medial insertion. Pffft.

Took a ride up in Santa Cruz today with C____ M_________, and C____ B______. I was slooooow, and felt poorly. Trails were niiiiiiiice, seen? Seen.

I must say, this puts me in a unique position to judge C____ B______; having ridden 52miles in his shoes and all.

Poorly or not- there will be a Full Moon Ride for the December 12th's Full Cold Moon. It will be a day early, and run on the 11th, Thursday. It will be damn near full and still cool. The yokels are comin down, so's to push the start back to between 7 and 7:30ish at the usual spot. Look for us to be lurking at the Stairs if you don't see us at the water tanker.

Bring beer.

Oh, there is this, too.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Damn that picture made me want to quit my job and kick my dog. I can't belive you guys are riding around in post cards all the time.

Here it desrve it.........

juancho said...

no shit. Where is that trail? Narnia?

Bring the Noise Reverend.

reverend dick said...

"That's a [Santa Cruz trail].And to me, it's a symbol of my Individuality, and my belief in Personal Freedom."to paraphrase Nicolas Cage as Sailor Ripley in "Wild at Heart".

Seriously fellas, I only keep at this to motivate y'all in the lower Eastern corner of this great trail network of ours. You come out here, I'll show you where it is. I ain't supposed to say.

Postcard? I forgot my camera. The representation is accurate, but the photo is stolen.

(Jauncho- you are louder than a bomb. I enjoy your work, and hope you keep keepin on.)

D____ G___ said...

thursday ride? I'm out, I've got a gig. Figgers. Well, talk it over with T & J.

Lord Hayden said...

Katie reports smoke from the Ord, looks like that prescribed burn is going on. Not sure what that'll do to the increased-of-late security.

I don't think I'll make it, gotta work like heck to make that weekend check. Trying to get ready for a work trip to Mammoth before it's back to the Good Land for Christmas.