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05 December 2008

Rollin on 28s

52 road miles with the Jossholes today before work.

There was the usual preambles about how so and so has been off the bike for 4 months (LIE- turns out he's been riding 3 days a week for the last month) and someone other has had the flu for 3 weeks(LIE- who knows what really went on, but judging from PowerTap values shown today, TOTAL LIE. And yes, 4 riders, 3 PowerTaps) Lying liars suckered me into:

1) Frantically spending the AM swapping knobbies for slicks on the road/cross bike. This did not work out so well initially since I had inadvertently mounted the Panaracer Pasela 32s on another bike, and the 35s won't I was left with 28s. Which concerned me. I'm a muscular fellow, and I lik to have some bounces under my ounces.

2) Frantically grabbing my shoes and putting them with my gear to avoid a repeat of the last Full Moon ride, when I forgot them...only to forget them today, anyway and end up borrowing not only shoes, and pedals ( Eggbeater cleat=no interface with Time pedals), but gloves as well. That guy. Again!

3) Frantically trying to keep up with the pace.

4)Etc., but not leaving out listening to their little talky talk...

It was a Good Time. It's been months and months since I've been on a group road ride. I forgot the highs and the lows. Ok, mainly the highs. It is fun to echelon, especially with wind involved. Going fast is fun- the pace was a constant struggle (so much more intensity than my solo jaunts) and I got shelled on nearly every steep hill (read "roller") and yoyoed off and on all day, but it was Good and fun. I forgot the feeling of cruising in a pack. That's a Good Feeling!

I'll tell you what- for rolly fast goodness, it was kickass being on 28s. Railing.

Also, I will be one of the Team Joselyn's sponsors this coming year. In my (unknown to you people) professional/non-jackass persona. I'm looking forward to it.

And, plus I totally won the ride.

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