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02 December 2008

Without this ____ my life would fall apart


So, I been feeling out of sorts lately. Out of shape. Out of it. Out of work on a large scale- it's the slow time for the resort business here, in addition to the economy slow down. Thinking about changes. Dragsville. Yesterday, I rode the fixed crosscheck on a truncated version of the usual dirt loop and was not feeling it. Bummerlife getting me down...

Trying to let today be a ray of sunshine.

Seems to have worked. I took note of the changes wreaked on the trails I consider mine. Those logs barring access? Yeah, the couple old ones and one substantial new one. Well, today I retook ownership.

1st stop here. You see why.

And now looking up trail.

Quite some time ago now, the elusive Mysterious B___ S_____ presented me with this. I have used it only one other time in the 2 years I've had it. My folding saw has just seemed so much more convenient, but for something this girthful (?) it doesn't, ah, cut it. This do.

Right off the bat I had to cut handles.

Yup. No photos of the action. This took , I'm guessing, 15-20 minutes of serious effort. I was tired and soaked.

It took a while to get the hang of this. It is easy to get the 2 ends off track and then the cut does not line up (Then when you shift positions, it requires you to start a new line. Waste of time). You have to be really aware of the depth of the cut as well. Cut too deep on the underside and you'll pinch the chain as the log shifts. Start the cut on top- it's the most awkward angle. Watch for dangerous branches around you, especially those that may spring free. Anticipate how the log will likely move as it drops. A shallow angle works best to keep the chain free, and this also promotes speed. Speed is much more effective than force.Etc.

As D said to me several years ago from the toilet seat of a truck stop in Gallup early in the morning,"It's hard work."

Moved on to the Good Spot to take a breather. Fixed cross yesterday, geared today. I'm in love with this bike (again) right now. It is so jumpy and responsive. It has it's issues, but the fit is perrrrfect. I was thinking about the Nitto 48cm wide(!) bars on D____ G___'s birfday ride the other day (versus the On One Midge bars which are curremtly on the crosscheck), and they only struck my forearms rarely on the steep techy climbs. I can live with that as a trade off for the breathing help, the deep drop and the comfortable flats.

Some swoopy stuff, and then

I was here. This oak has been in the trail for as long as I've known it. Last year more of it fell, blocking the arch which had been one of my favorite ride features. Today the grumbling ended.

Yes. And that's 1 of 2 in this spot. Both that size. They required alot of jumping. And hoisting. I was whipped at the end of it.


Here's my 1st attempt at video ever. Turn your head sidways and it will rule...

And, hey I looked so good doing it.

Feeling better about things.


Little_Jewford said...

thats some good work....I prefer an axe when cuttin wood...but its tough to ride with one.

Any interest in a afternoon Ft. Ord ride next mon/wed....though we'd have to avoid the work on the H.T.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Ninja understands that invisibility is a matter of patience and agility. Always mind your surroundings.

reverend dick said...

LJ- Yes there is interest in riding the bikes. Details to be decided?

Mysterious B___ S_____ used to occasionaly ride with a machete strapped bandolero across his back. You know, when it was warranted.

Senor Hamachi- I loves a Ninja as much as the next guy, but facing facts has me squarely in the Pirate camp. I cannot be trained, only learnin I get is the hard way with a splinter...

Tex69 said...

UR ridiculously more efficient than I would ever be. Big Buddha Kudos to you for showing compassion to your fellow biker man.

reverend dick said...

Tex- I take it you enjoyed my expert videoh, then?