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03 September 2013

thinking about Epics* and how you do what you can

We don't all live in a spot that gives constant access to incredible and scenic rides of great length and interest. Some of us just live where we do, and the riding there may not be those things but it is the riding we got. Run what you brung, ride what you got. It is all there is.

I know a guy who clearly loves bikes and cycling. He's got x bikes and knows all the hand signals to move the paceline along shmoothly. He talks about bikes with historical perspective and active interest. But he doesn't ride much. I think that's confusing.

Mr. P and I rode fatbikes over to that property our Mother holds with the intention of sleeping outside and riding around on trails at night. Maybe have a few beers and some pocket whiskey. I know there's a bottle hid under the bark at the foot of that one tree. We ended up just riding up and sitting around the campfire boozing and lying.

I have all this fancy bikecamping gear, but sometimes it's just stuff everthing in a pack big enough to hold it and head out the door. That's Life.

 The only thing that rack is holding is a fat tube.

 Mr. P, on the other hand, is dialed. So fresh and so clean.

 There's a lot to be said for riding out to the woods and spending the night, but it's a story better told to you by you. GO! get some. It won't be too hard. You don't need anything more than what you have, if you have a positive mental attitude.

*hope the Big Red S don't sue me for using their word...

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