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24 August 2013

repair any type of bike

1st of all, who you know here? And where your pants go? And, 'cross season is just around the corner. This is a colored text indicating it as a link to the local race schedule. Are you feelin it? I'm feelin it.

Time to get on some skinny fat tyres. Look at those shiny reeyums. Maiden voyage on the just rebuilt wheelset. XTR-DT-HplusSon. I put them through some paces, maing, and it was solid GO! And see how everthing shines.

The shrine is looking a little tired. Who drank all the whiskey and hasn't reupped the supply? Somebody with no respect for the spirits.

Home through dirt to some pavement to South Boundary (up, up, up) to the washed out poofy sandiness that is Fort Ord this time of year, and home again via the hardish dirt way up and over. Solid 40ish miles.

Well, I was training.

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