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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

20 August 2013

Evil brushes it's teeth

If you are the guy who stops the group so he can adjust his suspension, you lack a fundamental awareness of (cycling) etiquette.  Yes, if you haven't taken care to adjust your Xs, your Ys or your Zs before you start (one more reason to ride to the ride, as if you needed it) then the proper course is to wait until the first naturally occurring break and do it then.

None of your bros- no matter how "down"- want to wait for your pissing, your seat height adjustment, your lens changing, or your one last whatever. So, if you left your key/shoes/helmet at the shop and don't have a means to get in and get it yourself, you're fucked. If you invite yourself along (and if folks tolerate it), expect to be responsible for your own ride. That means having your own pump, patch kit, spare tube, tools, water, food, jacket, beer, whiskey, weed, and any other damn thing you might want or need. If you invite yourself and you require someone else to ride from the meet-up back to the shop and open it  so you can get any of these items, you are an asshole. And finally, if that is the case and you invited the new Fucking New Guy (who happens to be a girl) that none of us have ever met, whose riding level none of us know, who doesn't have a bike of her own, and requires that we ride a further couple miles out of the way to the other shop to get her a rental? You need a punch in the fucking head.

That is some True Facts right there. Another true fact is that so and so pulled some of those things on the last group go-round. I don't mind being the bad guy, so I threw his ass off the ride.

Full Invite Only Moon tonight, fools.


blackcatbicycles said...

in so many ways.

Patrick said...

and bring a real pump, not a joke pump...

Johann Rissik said...

Preachin' fire and brimstone, cos those damn fools needed it!