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06 August 2013

_______ of these events is merely bargaining

With 2 consecutive days off, you have choices. Some opportunities present themselves more readily than others. Bike camping is always ready to cut in line. In point of fact, the Big Dummy featured in my dream on account of we had been planning to use it for this trip.

 J is still willing to ride for fun. We figured we'd head over to the Secret Spot and spend a night.

Neither of us fancies driving if we can ride.

It's been a while since I used the Big Dummy. Sad to say, it has been put away wet many times. On the climb I stopped us a couple times to rerig the load in an attempt to banish the clunk. By the time we go to the interchange pictured above, I could not ignore the wiggly bottom bracket.

I considered. My inclination in situations of this type is to just run it. It has worked for me as often as not. I can learn the hard way, eventually, as evidenced by the decision to turn around, go home and switch bikes. This was a tough break.

J did really well riding with traffic. We talked about watching for car doors, and cars on the side of the road with their lights on (indicating potential for ________), and cars backing up, and where to stop and how far over to the right to stay, etc ad nauseum. He was rock solid. The turn around did not phase him on account of it was all downhill.

I don't know where you are in your bike repair spectrum right now. I, personally, have 2 bikes in perfect working order and 9 several in various stages of non-work. Of these, a number have parts cannibalised and interchanged. I knew it was a whole new ball of wax waiting for me in the bike room, and I wasn't stoked. I wanted to ride, not wrench! And daylight is always slipping away...


I got right to the parts swapping. One thing led to another, and there was the backtracking and the sidetracking, and just as I was deciding it was a master stroke to just go ahead and attach the Pletscher rear rack rather than take a rack off another bike to attach- J said, "Why don't you just take the basket bike?" Which bike is one of the 2 bikes in perfect working order, as it is my commuter. Well, as perfect as a clapped out collection of sweet-but-well-used-parts hung on a 1989 pink/purple/teal StumpJumper (top of the line, bitches! Specialized doesn't make a nicer bike) can be. But and yes, that was just the right idea at just the right time.

So I was guided to The Way by an 8 year old, and in short order we were gone.

In that there above, J is cleaning his rock that he found to take home.

And in that there above, J is Eddy Merckxcury. Welcome back, 1982! He likes to wear tank tops these days to "show off my muscles." I blame California.

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