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14 August 2013

after all our so-called success

Some things I notice whilst commuting are: 2 wheeled drifting is fun and exciting, how quiet (how still) it is up above town in the trees, the magic golden hour in which all the trees are lit from the setting sun and especially so when approached from the East and below, how green and inviting the hills seem from the drab streets surrounding the shop.

                                                         that's on a way to work.

Commuting puts me Right with the world. As an aside, A___ (who claims to know certain things about certain places we'd all like to ride our bikes in order to see if it's fun and worth it so that we can connect these places with others farther and nearer in order to form a more perfect bike ride of great magnitude and camping while drinking beers) is a bundle of divided attentions and he asked me how many miles in a day I do and I told him "prolly like a 100" and he didn't bat an eye either because he didn't pay attention to the answer or because he has no frame of reference (even though any fool, locally, could tell you roughly the mileage from Carmel to Monterey or look it up if they actually wondered versus just saying something for the sake of having something to say, which many people do) and, but, so it made me laugh.

About 16 miles the route(s) I use. I'm not into "training", I'm into riding.

My, the Poison Oak (toxicodendron diversilobum) is lovely this year!

And finally, who among us doesn't love a honky tonk?

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