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20 September 2013

keep up the bad work

Bitch, and don't change. I'm trying to tell you, over and over again.

Pimps n hos rap music may not be the finest segue to a quiet time in the woods, but that song will not be denied. Because either you a run down the hill and get some bitch or walk down the hill and get them all ho, so come which I believe Suga Free is ruminating generally on the ephemeral nature of all existence, and specifically on aging and opportunities not wasted. Meditate on that.

I meditated on the above as I lay beneath it. Solo camp out underneath the oaks= rest. After the this and the that of the day, I barely had enough time to ride sweet singletrack to the liquor store, much less then ride through CSide(!) for a quick burrito pick-up and lash same to the front end of my raggedy hobo set-up before fancypanting it out into the "dark" of a 90% Full Don't Flake Out Moon.

As a result, I arrived in the dark. The 1st little bit, I just sat there and let the night regroup. Showing up all fast and loud makes the critters shut down. It takes some quiet time for the night time to reassert itself. Not to mention that any werewolves in the area know where you are, even if merely by the telltale sound of cracking the 1st tallboy...

Anyhow. That's it. I just sat around in the dark drinking beers and sipping whiskey. Then I slept.

In the morning light, a tall can becomes a bowl of oatmeal. You see the little scrap wood I use as a base cooking platform and the remnants of the Kelly Kettle twig fire. Obviously, I scraped out the duff and dumped the ashes, but what isn't pictured is the careful monitoring and the wetting and the putting completely out and the covering of same. NO FIRES are happening because of this jackass.

Visited the shrine to give REspeck and restock.

That there was the set-up. Surly Ogre with the normal sized front dyno-wheel.

Wood rat remains.  All those owls have plenty to eat.

Creeping Cside! gets the gas frowny face.

One thing that rubs a little: by the time you've packed enough stuff onto your ride to make your overnight stay "comfortable", you are heavily enough loaded that you may as well pack some more food/water/time on there and stay out for days. It hardly seems fair. That's the breaks, that's the breaks.

Look. The only person who is always willing to go on your shitty little adventures is you. Don't let yourself down by depending on other folks to make your fun happen. You know?


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