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15 September 2013

California to Death

If you don't know, now you know: the Central Coast Cyclocross Series kicked off this weekend with a double-header. I have weaseled my way into getting to "work" the series for the shop. And, I loaned R__ my BOB trailer for a trip he was taking recently, and he comped the series fees (not a small cost @$35 per race), so I am well positioned for fun. It's taking a hit from my other better paying weekend gig, but I have not raced cross in several years, and I was feeling the lack. If you keep putting off something you like, one day you will be out of opportunities. Get it while you can. And, don't let other people get your kicks for you. Etc.

But first, take in this image of ye olde commuter in it's element (the commute):

 and, but, so a bike can be so many bikes! This is a straight-up race bike from 1989(?), and it will not be denied:

 yes, it rips up a grocery run or a ride to work. But, change hefty sprung stodgy black Brooks for hard matchy-match PINK Brooks, drop the baskets and swap the bar set-up (while retaining the ludicrous and potentially dangerously flexy Nitto Technomic) and voila. Race bike for real? I have listed "1989" as my sponsor for this series, and I feel it is appropriate. After this photo was taken I remembered the bag of horrible '80s bar-tape that J gave me, and splashed some neon yellow on the front end.

 And now, look at or skip some photos of "Fall" cross racing in California, where we gots another month+ of Summer...

 D_____'s race start on Saturday. There were a surprising (to me) # of kids' cross bikes at these races. Perhaps it is because he's moved up into a "real junior's category.

I have related already the lines about how friends in Colorado had ruined their children for skiing. By age 10 these kids are levels ahead of me, and are already over it because they felt like their folks "made" them ski. And how I had resolved to not do the same with my kids and cycling. And how, in spite of this resolve, I have "made" my kids cycle. And so it will come as no surprise that D, having been "made" to come out to the races yet again, was racing in name only. He was out for a ride. My heckling for him was "D_____, you are racing!" And his heckling to me, upon my shirtless sitdown after a sweaty return from a Bs mid-pack at best finish, was "Papa, do you think it's too late for you to get a 6 pack?" He means am I just coasting into the grave with no chance at fitness.

Well, he's good at heckling, anyhow.

That guy on the left is my favorite cross racer ever. He was not racing this time, but I used to see him all the time, racing cross looking like he was going out to mow the lawn in long shorts and white sneakers. No pretense, pure enjoyment. I love him. When I tell him this, he thinks I am odd.


 Saturday was run one way, and Sunday was run the reverse.

 10-14s going away...

 and coming into the 1st obstacle as a pack...

...and along comes D. Good times.

 Kids race for FREE at noon! Y'all should come out. The scene at cross races is muuuuch mellower and fun than any other kind of cycling event, in my experience. It's a nice community.

J______ was insistent that we water him, even though it was a lap. So we did.

 I had a nice time hanging out with the boys at the races. We helped some folks with their mechanicals, and raced for fun.


Little_Jewford said...

dude, are you like, sponsored? Bay Bikes and on a that a factory ride?

reverend dick said...

That ish is custom.