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07 September 2013

this _____'s unlikely nightmare

1st up in the repair stand was a box-to-ship. Fine. We got bike boxes and we got packing materiel. I have mentioned before that I like to do a thorough job. So, in packing the bits, I opened dude's seat bag to put his front wheel QR skewer in there so as to not rattle or damage the bike in shipping. I found a tire lever, a shitty glueless patch kit (honestly- those things NEVER stay on. It's a limp home at best fix), 3 Dum Dum lollipops and this:

...I wear gloves to keep all the chems off my sensitive hands.

Which I knew what it was because I read Drunk cyclist. What with frequently being one, and all.

I set that aside and finished packing the bike. Then I called the contact # and left a message to the effect that I'd found the vaporizer and we couldn't ship it, but that I would hold onto it for him so he could pick it up at his convenience. 10 minutes or so went by and I received a call-back from the contact #. Guy says that he's the customer, and "what is that? It sounds like a drug thing. Is that a drug thing?" I thought he was just messing with me, so I said, "you can put whatever it is you want to inhale in it and inhale it." And he said, "It IS a drug thing! You just busted my son." Well, what could I do but laugh? I said we'd hold onto it for him if he wanted, but he said, "Just throw it away. I'll deal with this."

Guess who's got a good used condition vaporizer.


Lord Hayden said...


blackcatbicycles said...


reverend dick said...

Is this the blacks calling the kettle pot?

Y'all are just some blazing dinosaurs, whereas I have joined the yout' on the vaping frontier.

Suck it.

blackcatbicycles said...

i guess if a kid comes to your door with a bag of candy this october, what is one to do but punch him in the face and take it?

currently sucking, thank you.

reverend dick said...

Todd, what the hell? How does it follow from notifying a customer I cannot ship his weed paraphernalia that I then want to abuse strange children?

blackcatbicycles said...

they're both worthwhile endeavors, saving the youts of today from the scourge of blank minds and tooth decay.

*note that all sarcasm will be noted in black font.

blackcatbicycles said...

sorry if i offended.
there's always got to be "that guy" in the comments writing useless, pointless crap, so i'm just playing my part.
i try to make it so preposterous that it can only be taken as total bullshit; maybe i'll just start blaming everything on obama.

obama woulda shipped that pipe and then forced us all to have health care and then be gay.

there we go, a useful comment for everybody.

reverend dick said...

Thanks for clarifying?