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21 September 2013

be a bike racer or just look like one

One of the guys at the shop was helping some young girls with a new bike purchase. 19, or so, not 6 or 7. The one girl said she didn't really know what a fixie was, apropos of not being sure what she wanted in a bike. The employee said he thought they were the worst thing to ever happen to bikes, without explaining anything. I make it a point to not intrude (and attempt to make it a point to not listen in- sometimes with more success than other times) unless actual misinformation is being given, BUT. If I were to have been the talker, I'd have explained what a fixie is, from whence it has come, and how fun it is to ride a fixed gear bicycle regardless of the low position they currently occupy in the public mind. Lamentable trends do not determine my feelings.

Why, I took myself on a fixed gear solo tour of the moonlit peninsula just the other night. After an inspiring night of camping beneath the full moon, I was inspired to sprint from one hidden beer stash in the woods to another and I can tell you: turning circles is where it's at.

                                     you didn't show up, and your beers got drunk for you.


On the other hand, if you keep an open mind people will throw trash in it.

 CCCX#3 went off with several hitches. 1st time for me riding the CSUMB course. I crashed in that one long sandy section on account of a guy ahead of me had crashed and was bent over rerailing his chain. I thought it would be a funny idea to spank him on his ass as I passed, and (of course/deservedly/like a dummy) with only one hand on the bars I crashed immediately after. Almost took out that rat-tailed kid on the single. How it's done...

 Lots of juniors on cross bikes.

Good Times.

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