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19 June 2013

you don't remember me but we used to work together

 Day 4: in which everthing is on the one.

To follow, a primer on how to spend a Summer's day:

 Wake up in the woods with your partners. My partners are podnas. Yours might be cohorts, accomplices, or abettors depending.

 The coastal fog? It rolled in late, after you were finished looking at the stars. Be glad of it or ignore it. It will burn off while you fire up the twigs to have coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night) and oatmeal.

 Get fired up. Plastic nunchuks optional. American flag headband required.

Wear swim goggles and put your face in the water. Or, lounge creek side and switch immediately, seamlessly from coffee to beer. Your choice. Either way, there will be plenty of California newts (Taricha torosa) to hassle.

 Eventually, after hours of wandering up and down the creek, you will want to pack up your gear. Sweep camp for trash and roll out.

Fearlessly charge whatever trail features you find in your area. There are just enough.


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