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20 June 2013

have some class

So, I may or may not have sent off a curse word laden email in a fit of pique. If I did- in my defense, I am both subject to fits of pique (sorry) and kind of an asshole (that's how it is).

If you don't know now you know.

The 19th century speaks to the heart of the matter: "If you find you are becoming angry in a conversation, either turn to another subject or keep silence. You may utter, in the heat of passion, words which you would never use in a calmer moment, and which you would bitterly repent when they were once said."

What would be a better way of handling things? To nah pop nah style, a strickly roots:

an ting.

1 comment:

Freewheel said...

Great advice for anyone living in any century, but also tough to execute.