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17 June 2013

never know where I'll be

Day 2: In which our intrepid adventurers make further adjustments to fine tune a Good Time.

 ...swapped out our empties. I opted to bring a bike "more suited" to the terrain. The out-of-town-guest continued in his same vein.

 Climb Henry Coe- the easy way to Kelly Lake.

 It is a nice place to swim around and then drink cheap inexpensive cans of beer.

 Shortly after lying on a log in the shade, I realized I was only waiting for bedtime. We had arisen in the woods, having gotten there by bike, and spent the day working towards this other spot in the woods (by bike) to lay down. It was tiring. Luckily, we had stopped per usual at El Frijolito and did not have to cook; just eat our burritos and drink our beers until we laid down in the dirt.

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