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06 June 2013

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Breathe in.

After days on this bike and days on that bike, it was the Black Cat SS for 2 days running. Back to back rides on the rocket ship. We been working on dismantling the 1/2 pipe down the road to reassemble it here at HQ (for the eldest son) and it has been some time constraint style, get in and get out, pack the most fun in the smallest time, guerrilla single speeding. Dress all in green, get on the drab brown bike and GO!

Super jumpy. That bike is so quick (REspeck, but- especially compared to the piggy rigs I been pushing) I forget. People forget. Summertime? A nimble SS? Uh hunh.

So and also, switcherooing will highlight the differences in fit from one bike to another. Now, we all allow for the built in differences- even celebrate them- but some stuff is given; take seat height/angle. The OG Moots post on that bike holds the BRooks right where I want it, but this or that has put that saddle slightly nose down and low, too. The pinch bolts are a shitty design

which has been changed between the then and the now. Wonder if I could get them to put a new head on that post for less than lots of dollars...

And, my wife is getting a birfday surprise...

It's for my wife!!

It will be perfect for nervy, flexy cruising. It needs some work (duh), but it is OG 1972. The Schwinn Twinn. Double mixte?!?! Hell yes, hell yes. Came with the original paperwork, which Schwinn propaganda is worth posting on it's lonesome, and receipt for $148.11 (in 1972 monies) out the door. In 2013, it was worth $350. Inflation. Look for it parked outside some of our classlessiest bars soon.

Breathe out.


Gunnar Berg said...

You continually to make me smile, Thanks.

Silk Hope said...

Rev: I found this seat post to really fine for Brooks use.

reverend dick said...

Gunnar- you are smiling WITH me, I feel sure. And actually, she likes it! So it worked out great.

Thank you, Silk Hope. I do like the Paul's stuff. It's not an issue with the post fitting the Brooks so much as it is the post fitting ANY saddle. In order to install, one must spread the head scarily wide, and it is a giant pain-in-the-ass. The newer design is real nice. And I like the tiTANium.