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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

24 June 2013

tryin to bring that fairy tale life

Stuff will happen or not. Other things. Some folks ride when they can, other folks won't. If you want to then you will. You know, if you're able.

Take the cross bike up to Santa Cruz and remember how good and how pleasant it is to ride pavement and gravel and loamy singletrack all aboard the perfect bike on the same ride. I know where some of y'all stash your tall boys and  your (gag) airplane bottles of rum.

 It makes me laugh when people say "my dogs are barking" and they mean their feet are tired.

This jalopy was parked in the shade outside the blue shop the other day:

 I did not get a load of the rider, but I am sure he/she would have been instantly recognizable as such. At 1st, I wondered what happened at speed; like, was the little tin on the bars a hideout? No. It's holding more bird seed. But then I thought- duh. They're birds. I bet they just hold on and lean into the headwind. Maybe spread their wings.

 The poo all over the front panniers really made it for me.

 Looked for some pre-perigee moon before the fog...

A picture of the new (and temporary...gonna put a new rear end on this bike and run discs. Sorry, Charlie- these old-ass forearms want some ease of use up in here) brakes on the cross bike:

 Paul's Minimoto polished(!) worked real nice for the hella fogged out "full moon". It was a significant improvement over the cantis.

What's this?

In some spots around here, that's a trail.

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Anonymous said...

Uh oh, lamers are making it out to the Horse Bridge? That's too bad....