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04 November 2011

That's the way it'll have to be

It has come to my attention that some of y'all (Moab!) are not clicking on links and/or watchin the videos I go to all the trouble of including here.
Do you think this is without purpose? That ish is not accidentally there. Please to bother checking it out and then deciding it's irrelevant hocum. Otherwise, what's the point. (BTW that Doyle and Debbie video you skipped a few posts back is a, so to speak, hummer).

Case in point:

This is a good site for athaletes.

Competent friends crawl out of the internet pile when you complain about that about which you complain. Thanks, Coach! I will try to hide the tears and walk it off.

1 comment:

rik van hooydawg said...

those guys are really into their bodies...