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17 November 2011

if you stay ready, you don't gotta get ready

I been biding my time, using my mind and my imagination, with little bitty rides. Taking the boy to school (he rides 95% of the time), getting to work or the beer store (separate for now). The local loop has it's variations and iterations and repetitions...

None of this is inspiring me to stop and pull out my phone/camera and take super rad photos to accompany words about the same rides or sections of rides you've seen here day in and out. Days when I'm prevented from riding or getting some outside flow are days when I am most innerested in getting some vicariously via the monitor- so we all feel the same itch, I know.

Imagine a shadowy (dubious, questionable) figure gliding by the edges of your scene. Add some grit. The sand is beginning to pack up in the Ord very nicely. Is it getting slick where you are? Winter is the finest season for off-road hereabouts. I'm ready. Cross bikes uber alles.

My arm is repairing. Staying on the flat bars for now. Dreaming dreams of Fat Bikes. Picturing little 2-3 day tours.

Still waiting on the Supernova system, but one part of the order did show up: A solar powered lithium-ion battery pack for charging my phone. Some Sollight product is distributed through QBP (who knew?) which means you can get this stuff at your local bike shop. In writing this, I don't find the charger I have purchased on the company site, so maybe it's discontinued in favor of their current model, but you can get the charger from your shop while supplies last. Geek out:

Well, you know. Xmas is coming. And, speaking of....

Blow your mind.

No, really. Blow it. Do it. My mind is blown.


Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks. Very cool.

When I was still living in the real world, we used to have prototype parts made with a similar process. There is a newer version of the process shown that uses a metallic powder. I believe the finished part is then soaked in epoxy or maybe heated. Whatever, it then has metallic properties and strength.

reverend dick said...

I'm reeling.