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24 November 2011

Give Thanks!

...I remember what my bike looks like all covered in muck. Cold, wet, covered in Glory.

Stoke em if you got em. Alternately, get it while you can. A.K.A. "if you got it, flaunt it".

Thank ___! Health, Family and happiness.

In between stolen cookies and watching babies and riding bikes and drinking does come to the forefront of consciousness that when moments are perfect, they are perfect.

When I was a boy, I spent hours reading stories of oddities in the abridged Reader's Digest in various forms...I am reminded of the True Story regarding the sinner (I believe he may have been a railroad man) who sold his soul to the Devil for a stopwatch which could freeze Time. It seemed like too good a deal to be true; and the Devil was willing to make it on account of everybody always waited for conditions to be perfect to punch the clock, and of course nothing is ever as Good as it could be, so they ended up dying waiting on that perfect day and owing their soul when they did. Well, this railroad man ended up being no different as he waited for his pregnant wife to give birth, and then for the child to grow to the perfect stage, and then...he did die and did not stop Time because it would be an eternity of suffering the agony of a heart attack athwart the train tracks. The Devil came to take his soul as he boarded the train to Hell with all of the other losers.Here, versions differ as to whether or not he allowed Old Nick to leap from the train before he froze Time and spent eternity aboard that gambling, rollicking train of drunks and Goodtimers.

Point being, when is it any better or worse? Live it up, people, with an eye to partying again in the future. This is it.

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