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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

28 November 2011

it's like an exercise machine, only a lot more fun

I lik to drink and smoke when I feel I should.

I lik to ride bikes when the riding looks good.

Act like you know.

Given the auto assist by Mr. S_____, it was rigid fixed dirt all day. Given the givens, it was beers at the stops.

Q: How many bushes hold easter eggs in the Ord?
A: Many.

That one's been in there a while.

Whoa. For so many reasons.

The bees have moved on. Pigeons are moving in?

Riding home in the dark.

Again. Who could ask for more?


Lord Hayden said...

Had a nice ride out there yesterday, first mtb in a month, bronchitis finally on the wane.

Saw lots of people on bikes, remember when you said "no one else rides out here"? I think they just don't blog about it.

reverend dick said...

Wellllllllll, of course folks be rising the bronchitis trails.

And I further speculate that you saw the week's worth of yahoos. Meet me out there at 1pm on a Tuesday or any night o the week and tell me different.

And, plus, blogs are for self delusionally promoting beeeatches.

msantos said...

one too many stops at the end for me crazy.