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06 November 2011

I experiment, like a scientist

The Fall has backed it's as_ on up in here. Cooler heads, etc. You feel it? I'm feelin it. What with this rainy rain and all, the weather is lookin kinda shaky...and so I am, with the power vested in me, realigning the celestial to suit my earthly ends viz a viz the up and coming Full (snicker) Beaver Moon. So oyez oyez horale:

The Full Beaver Moon shall be on Tuesday November 8, 2011.

Got it? Good. And, if it looks good on the other nights (maybe Wednesday) then we will see.

OK, I been noodling with my elbow and avoiding strenuous postures and using my sinister hand for stuff and it's feeling pretty OK. The cross bike's handlebars put my elbow into a compromising grip (you know, given present circumstances), so I rode the flat barred full squish the other day to see and that is what is up for the mendy mend. Just letting you people know how it will be on this full moon ride. Ride bikes, drink beers.

And, plus, in the interest of Fall's arrival and night rides of increasing frequency, duration, and potency: The Supernova E3 Triple is hunka hunka burning dynamo powered love. I will be receiving a test model here at HQ soon and I'll get back to you, but 800(!)lumens at 33feet for a generator light(?!) is a danged impressive figure to my mind. They also produce "The Plug", which I cannot find on the website, but it is a USB port in the form of a tall top cap to use the dynamo power to charge your electronics. I will look into this further as well. Seems like a winner. Click on that link to check out the German made goodness.


Lord Hayden said...

Finally peeled my wheezebag of a carcass to the doctor, Diagnosis: Bronchitis.

Bummed to miss the moon, hope it was a good one. 6 days and counting is a long time to spend in an 800 square foot house.

reverend dick said...

I hope your itis was worth it, sucka. You missed "the best full moon all year!"

It was BRIGHT. We were inspired to add 49 to the altar on account of how good. Toe numbingly cold in the low spots, though.