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23 May 2011

you can fool some people sometimes

Have you heard the Good News? No news is Good News. No news is Good News.

So you and I are among those left behind. This is really getting awkward! The Number of the Beast is revealed to be mistakenly translated; it should read 616 (nobody tell the gays, lest they start ruining marriage for the rest of us). The tsunamis in Japan, et al, may just be natural disasters (though helped very much by our energy-use-caused and escalating climate change). Peak Oil is reached (? Learning to bowhunt is fast becoming a real inneresting idea). Lance's spoonful of sugar is going down (in the most painful way-Tyler is a slow tic trainwreck).

I try to keep it light. Try to keep everbody focused on what we have here in common. Is that right?

We went to Tulsa, OK, to party at my brother's wedding instead of waiting around for the hypocralypse...but Bible-thumping relatives dragged ol' JC into it anyways. I just kept quiet, because it's not worth disturbing the party-in spite of those folks themselves oughtening to know better. In their very own writings straight from God but delivered via human hands (so you know it's True, to say nothing of accurate) it says nobody knows the day or I say let's party instead of pray. I mostly keep quiet on the doping-in-cycling issues because it's a downer that has been the elephant in the peloton since the 1930's (at minimum) and, frankly, what good does fixating on PRO sports do any of us out here in the gutters and on the trails? About as much as forecasting the End of The Party. I say: let's party Smarter in order to Party Longer.

Rode a swell loop up there in Santa Cruz today...all shady dirt with swooping singletrack and tight Redwoods.

Who's up for a Ride tomorrow? No sky cake, but I hear there's Free Beer.


grommet said...

"Let's party smarter in order to party longer"........ F*(# yeah. Let's go cold turkey on the drugs for next years tour and see what happens? Or go all the way and legalize all drugs on the tour.....If someone on your team dies, you are out!

reverend dick said...

By "next year's tour" I presume you are referring to the White Rim Overnight, which is hereby tentatively scheduled for the Full Moon in September.

By "Let's go cold turkey on the drugs" I presume you are using sarcasm to say we should use even more drugs and alcohol to "help" us win.

I agree. Begin your training.

Fahzure said...

Glad to hear the Rev. is comin' to Utah. I can attest to his early season form.

Anonymous said...

you were in TULSA?????!?!?!?

reverend dick said...

Yes, but it was whirlwind family time.

I threw up in the parking lot of that BBQ joint that has the badwich. Twice. It was baaaad.

Anonymous said...

bummer. woulda liked to have seen ya.

not seen ya puke, just seen ya.

like hung out and whatnot.