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29 May 2011

Try to straighten out your act and boogie down.

And I mean that.

Before Tulsa, it was some night riding to Fort Ord. Locals only. We took those good singletracks, drank those warmish beers. Home at 1:18, up at 6:30 to drive to the airport.

Back at home this past week, it was some bike riding to my job. Low booking enabled me to take the long dirt route. 2 hours of singletrack commute? Yes, may I have another? With the light lasting as long as it is right now, I was able to take the longer long way back home as well. Up that hill on dirt, and so many of the troublesome logs have been removed! Big, chain-saw requiring logs. So it was better than good. There was some eye level poison oak tendrils, so I spent some precious evening light beating back that hateful weed. Then it was over, down, over, up, down, up, down and down some more. Singlest of tracks.

I feel great! Seems like anytime I ask of the legs, there's something in there to respond. That's such a fine way to feel.

And it is because of all the day-to-day riding. The buddy with whom I rode in Santa Cruz last week complains bitterly about our local. I understand this, as it gets boring to ride the same stuff over and over wherever you are, but...what you got is what you got. Ride that ish. If you skip riding regular because you are tired of your same-old then (you're not bored, you're boring) you have no ability to ride those Epics when they present themselves. Your Epic just hurts in that case. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Ride your route backwards, take that one turn you always skip, ride at night, explore.

For the record, it was some more clapped-out (for reals, that thing is a little scary. I think the front end is going to crap out permanently at any moment) dually riding. The rattle? Ahhh, it's full squish! OK, maybe it was the loose cones; my rear end is spread wide (yeah, yeah) and the necessary clamping plays heck with my hub, but what can I say? OK, maybe it was also the seat post mounted bottle cages shaking loose from their clamps, too.

Anyhow, riding is to be had. Chiggity-check your equipment, folks, before you wriggity-wreck your equipment.


Gunnar Berg said...

nice hat.

Fahzure said...

Give the folks at Fox a call, ask for Nick, their tech who was at Sea Otter and saw the fork (remind him of this and the crisco); he will hook you up.

reverend dick said...

What did this Nick say, exactly?