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10 May 2011

dark shadows of Evil trapped in a web of witchcraft


Not one of y'all can be bothered to click on/examine the link and come back here with sumfing to say? Nobody.

You knuckleheads need to quit phoning it in. Rep your sets, yo.

Whatevah. I do what I want. I rode my SS again today; someplace you were not. And it was some kind of long assed pave climb followed by hello tight fire road cruising and capped off with the benchest of singletracks overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Side hill for days. Large feeling in scope. Though the vividly purple irises seemed incongruously domestic, it is some big country.

I need to remember that it is possible to swap out my cog and not only to run what I brung lowland roller gearing. And I need a new rear tyre. Anyhow, Feelings are set to GOOD.

Permit me to expound. Climbing on the SS is a matter of making as much peace with the hill as you may. Spin and spin and spin and be nice.
"Until it's time to not be nice."
When it is that time, you must stand and giver. There is nothing but momentum. When there is no momentum, there is the walking. Back country singlespeeds is where it's at.

Come Summer Solstice, you better pack a lunch...


Jonny Hamachi said...

You, live there, among the dreams.

Gunnar Berg said...

Concealing the eye identities of Geno and Fausto is really, really funny. At least to my simple mind.

Gunnar Berg said...

And great music. Junior rules.

reverend dick said...

nnnnnnnot sure how I feel about this.

Juancho said...

What did I miss? I need really simple instructions.