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12 May 2011

all ____s indicate

To whom it may concern,

Sir or Madam, I think it fair to say that indicating a "link" through the use of differently colored text than the main body of a "post" is common practice in this time of interwebs. Is this not true?

In keeping with the commonality of such practices, is it unreasonable to- if not expect, then certainly at minimum- anticipate a modicum of interaction vis a vis the usage of such links?
When they are germane?
And, further, is it truly too much to anticipate a real and unfaltering Love of the Bicycle (and, almost necessarily, also the trappings/rituals/history of the Bicycle) would engender the passive reader to scour, to digest, and to respond?

I think not.

I will now entertain your responses to the Question. To wit: how does this affect you?

Thank you,
The Management.

To make a point of declaring friendship is to cheapen it. For men’s emotions are very rarely put into words successfully.

— Hunter S. Thompson


Robert H said...

I clicked on the link and it had all of these words all strung together. It was weird.


Lord Hayden said...

When the walls pop off and the revolution come, it will surely be because people failed to click on an electronic link hidden between 30 images of a leather saddle

Tom said...

We mens will always be retarted, even risking the cheapening of a friendship to stage a kickass photo.

The mere act of allowing yourself to be photographed as friend to another man is to declare it. Raising your glass in a toast. A staged event, a declaration of friendship.

It is still true. This is only my testimony.

Juancho said...

Road bikes are dumb. Dirt forever!

reverend dick said...

What a bunch of maroons.

LOL " when the walls pop off."