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30 May 2011

slow cloistered group rides

Memorial Day:

Always lead with the racy photos...

~15 minutes into the ride, N___ is checking herself for los garapatas. Apparently it takes 24 hours for the transmission of Lyme Disease, and this little piggie is not allowing any extra time to pass.

Brothers are impatient.

Brothers are amused.

J______ is a boy who knows.

What form.

D___ on his fly new ride. We ran across a couple good natured fellas who complimented him on his "sick" rims. He played it cool, but you could see it puffed him up a little.

That's cool.

Singletrack climb.

J ruled this! I told him he was the King of Singletrack. He disputed this based on his not having an actual crown, which (crowns) are required for Kings. I think he was too literal. He then proceeded to rule Mudhen Express; riding the rutted drop-in solo with me running near him but not touching him, and then rolling both of the whoop-di-dos unaided!

We stopped briefly at the Caprock, and decided to drop 50 for some lunch by the wetlands under 49...

We watched the ducks come and go, and N&J followed up by playing catch in the shady oaks above. N brought the mitts/ball in her basket. Next time we are bringing the bat and having a full-on game.

Finally, these words, which are a different color than the normal text, are a hyper-link. This link will take you to a funky song that N and her friend H______ "produced". Despite whatever impressions you have formed of me based upon my smutty intro today, I in no way condone sex-offending someone, but this song makes me laugh and it has bikes in it.


Johann Rissik said...

I have a daughter much the same age, and I can just hear the 'DAD!!" as she noticed you taking the pic. And the brothers laughing. Good one.

Juancho said...

That tick is as big as a dog!

Fahzure said...

Hey, why the long stem on J's bike? Look at the pic, he's got no elbow bend to provide suspension/lift. I know the bars curl back and all, but at his size, bars that wide and a stem that long leave him crucified. Not that I've actually ridden with the man on that bike, with those bars.

reverend dick said...

D___'s bike?

It is too long, but it's the stem I had. If I had easy access to bike parts I suppose I could get him another.

Fahzure said...

Yes, D's bike. 70 mm, QBP-SM2358, $13. Or the bros. in Morgan Hill, I know you talk to them almost weekly, Pro-Set 2 MTB Stem 60 or 75mm, angle adjustable with that fancy cap and shim, $20. 31.8 bar, right?

How do you like the Jaguar pads for Avid brakes?