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02 May 2011

rolling somnabulantly on, into the future, forgetting the past

Full susssssspension Local Loop. 37ish miles. As much dirt as I could muster. Up the hill the hard way (which I am amazed at having taken with J as it is fresh [and steep!] in my mind this evening) and over and down on dirt. Me and the scrubby Coastal Live Oaks under the lofty Monterey Pines. I really like the spacious feel those trees maintain. I cleaned that one short up after the oak arch that I never clean. That was rad.

South Boundary (exposed,hot, sweaty) to drop 50 the hard way. I blew by the scene of the big Sleaze Otter smash-up, and that rut is truly a lurker. Hella fast, bro, ridge rolling and singletrack through the Ord and over to check the bee status (full swing) at the tower. I noticed this:


I hassled him with my wheel until he curled up (fast!) and then retreated in a crook so he was ready to strike if need be, and this with a satisfyingly menacing rump shake. Upon inspecting the tower I took a pitcher of my bike ,

and I turned around to see

another rattler. One I had just ridden right past and not noticed?!

Oops. I had some real deep insights to write in this space, but them snakes drove everthing from my head.

Ain't nobody here but us chickens.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Sun baked pavement on your belly.

Who doesn't love that?

msantos said...

what's w/the all the clapped out dually bike love lately? ran into a rattler comin down that cross canyon trail in coe on sunday, heard it before i saw it, right in my grill.

guess you didn't find my battery, huh.

reverend dick said...

Life runs in cycles.

The monkey on my back.

Nah. Your battry is done gone.

reverend dick said...

Well that didn't work. It should have sent you to "Timebomb." Oh well.

And it IS clapped out. Scary.

rik said...

don't you rub your thighs on those waterbottles ?

reverend dick said...

No. They're back far enough that the backs of my thighs brush against them, but it's no trouble- it's at the end of the pedal stroke.

They aren't ideal for technical riding, as they interfere a little with getting behind the saddle- but look who's talking.