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05 January 2010

slow descent into madness

Listen to this:

and don't let that Seasonal Affect Disorder bite you in the ass: "The countenance of one man brighteneth another." La la la lala lalala, ride your bike, maing. That'll brighteneth your countenance. Especially if you keep your ish lubed.

The Kampe Monkey is held together with tics and creaks at this time. I fully expect the BB to explode any ride now. I am in desperate need of new drivetrains. (New drivetrains for all my bikes!) I gotta get it together and put some pieces back together. I wanted so badly to ride the fixed Crosscheck, but that's been disassembled since just prior to SSWC2009. Ditto the SC Blur, which I wanted to ride for the New Year's Blue Moon. What the hell?

Whatever. I rode my bicycle and it was as Good as Good can be. (Could have been better with a new drivetrain, just sayin')

Reload on the one side. I heard something large in the bushes and cut the stop short to haul ass down the hill.

Through Monterey briefly, and then back up the ridge and over for some more dirt. Chased a roadie who attempted (but was unable- !haha! you backwards glancing utha ucka) to drop me, only to slingshot off his draft through the apex of the curve and into the dip leading onto doubletrack. Yessssss, it feels good to apply maximum effort and just feel that jump. Short lived, ok sure- but that feeling. I love that. It feels good to go fast.

Brief stop in the other woods to resupply there.

So my Program of Excellence (wherein I kick ass at every opportunity by, like, doing the dishes or mopping the floor, or doing the laundry, etc) was/is on. To this end, I got home and swept and mopped and did laundry...and then swapped bikes for the Big Dummy to go and fetch J. We'd been on (high tens all around) for a trailer bike ride home yesterday only I cannot find the hitch. My Program of Excellence should include cleaning my bench area. He was all fired up to ride and then disappointed to drive, so I thought I'd surprise him today. I rode the 9 miles out the valley and arrived at 4pm. Turns out L had picked him up for his new basketball league at 2:30pm.
The Big Dummy feels like crap. The rear brake is binding someplace along it's (literally) 6 foot cable/housing span. I keep remembering that it needs some kind of kiddie derailleur protector mounted over the caliper, too. The load presses in and effs up the caliper action. I remember this when on the bike, but promptly forget to address it when at home. {Note to self.} Also, the frame feels off in it's tracking. I hope it's just that I am unused to it. I tried hard for it to be fun in spite of mishaps, and it kind of was.

Bikes. And bike riding.

Oh, hey! Do I have your size Small charcoal Chrome knickers? Hows about your long sleeve woolen Hunter Cycles jersey? Perhaps a part (wtf?) of your clip-on fender? Cuz none of that is mine.

Finally: Holy ________! I am so blown away by Lyrics Born!!!! People who know: why did you let me sleep?! People who don't know: please turn this up

now you know.


Lord Hayden said...

Every time I've heard Lyrics Born it has been in the company of dirty hippies who listen to Phish, so it gets cataloged in my mind with that ish. But he is pretty damned good.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Thanks for the tunes.

That Hamms and trees shot is brilliant. Might be headershot quality. Just sayin, I like it.

reverend dick said...

Hayden- I guess that's how they roll in Wisco, hunh?

Hammsachi- yes. It feels like a classy golden lit running mountain stream beer sign from a seedy bar with a smoke-damaged interior and a jukebox that's perfect. Done and done.