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08 January 2010

about that

Damn, it feels good to be a gangster. Bushwick must have ridden a singlespeed. I don't know what this new Good Feeling thing is all about, or from whence it has come, but (well OK, mid 60s and sunny helps yes) I'll take it!

Rode singlespeed yesterday in Santa Cruz on that one trail- the one that is so awesome up and down- for some perfectly tacked and bermed narrow ass singletrack. Traction so good you could stand up over the front end and tug on the bars with your whole worth just to keep upright for one more revolution, and again, repeat...I could feel pedal contact from my foot to my hip and up and out to my hand...unh!

Then there was the swoopy downhill. That was fun too.

Damn, it feels good to ride a bike.


reverend dick said...

What! Hunh? Does nobody in here even ride bikes?

I'm talking about getting so far forward you are pushing back to pedal. It's that steep. that tacky and you feel that Good!


grommet said...

Huh, bikes? I thought this was the ceramic bearing forum? Damn....

Tom said...

I can testify. In those moments I most feel the mechanicality of the bike: the leverage, the gearing, forces and loads. The bike reminds me of its own nature: I lose the sensation that we are one seamless system, and remember that we are animal and machine cooperating. Love it.